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We can help you make Discourse do whatever you need it to. Give us a budget and describe the problem you need to solve, and we'll find a solution that fits your skills and your budget.

Whether you require custom plugins or assistance managing Discourse on your preferred infrastructure, we offer tailored solutions for your specific needs."

Fully automated Discourse installation. Our system will create a Digital Ocean droplet, configure Mailgun, and install Discourse. Easy for beginners. Convenient for Experts.

Whether you have an emergency or want to avoid one, we've got you covered. We can fix your broken site or provide you with a dashboard to handle routine tasks.

We have years of experience migrating users, topics, and categories to Discourse. Whether you are coming from a well-known platform with a mature script or need a custom job for your bespoke forum, we can help make the transition as easy as possible for you and your users.

Get managed Discourse on your infrastructure or ours. We handle backups, upgrades, plugins, and uptime.

Get on-demand training and support for your community manager, developer, or dev-ops team. We are available via email or video conferencing.

Leverage our technical expertise in Discourse for seamless data collection, efficient data cleaning, and advanced AI transcription services tailored for academics. Also, use Discourse to facilitate building custom AI tutors for your students.

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