Personalized Discourse Training for Community Managers, Developers, and DevOps

Get help from a Discourse expert with years of experience, a B.S. in Computer Science, and a Ph.D. in Education.

Training for Community Managers

Getting Discourse configured to match the needs of your community can be a complicated task. Setting up a new community is complicated and involves hundreds of settings. It is hard to konw which ones to pay attention to and how to find the ones that are important. Free support is always available at, but sometimes it is easier to be able to ask someone and get an immediate answer, or help you understand what question you needed to ask. For situations like these, Literate Computing is here to help.

Training for Developers

Navigating the intricacies of Discourse’s Ruby on Rails backend and Ember application can be challenging for developers, especially those who are familiar mostly with PHP applications like WordPress.The source code is all there, but a few minutes help can save hours of searching through it all. For developers familiar with other platforms, just figuring out how to change CSS, add an attribute to the serializer, or add a button can take days. We can provide developers the help they need to get up to speed quickly.

Training for DevOps and System Administrators

The only fully supported way to install Discourse is to build and run a Docker container (sometimes 2 or 3) that has sole access to ports 80 and 443. If you are accustomed to simply unzipping a file into a directory and adding another virtualhosts file, wrapping your head around the way the Discourse team manages things can be hard to make sense of. For experienced Docker and Kubernetes managers, the experience is almost worse, as Discourse does not supply containers that are ready to be launched with Kubernetes or Docker compose. You might save a week or more with just a few hours help from someone familiar with Discourse’s idiosyncrasies to integrate Discourse into your preferred infrastructure and deployment tools.