Enterprise Discourse Hosting and Management

Custom installations for large-scale and specialized deployments

Discourse Enterprise Services

A key part of our business is providing custom hosting for companies who need special plugins or configurations that do not fit into discourse.org’s standard hosting packages, and cannot justify the expense of their Enterprise plans. Some company policies are such that preclude having services hosted on infrastructure they do not control. Literate Computing solve these problems with its own hosting services, installation and management on your own infrastructure as well as working with your staff to help integrate Discourse’s peculiarities into your preferred tooling.

Smaller is better: With Literate Computing Enterprise Services you get timely support directly from an expert engineer.

Support for Enterprise Plugins

Literate Computing specializes in providing custom hosting services for companies that require unique plugins or configurations beyond the standard offerings of discourse.org. A common reason for asking for our help is using plugins and features that are not included in the discourse.org Standard or Business plans. A few examples include

  • Custom outgoing email address. We can provide outgoing mail service using your domain name that your customers and community expect.

  • Discourse AI includes modules including Community Sentiment, Composer AI Helper, Toxicity Detection, NSFW Image Detection, Semantic Related Topics, Semantic Search. See below for more information.

  • Category Experts allows users to endorse each other as experts in specific categories. Category experts’ posts are decorated to highlight their expertise.

  • Encrypt end-to-end encrypted personal messages.

  • Translator translate forum content to other languages using Google, Microsoft, AWS, Yandex, LibreTranslate..

  • BBCode and BBCode color which are useful for migrated sites with BBCodes in their posts

Integrate AI into your community

If your community would like to be able to take advantage of the Discourse AI plugin, our services might be for you. In addition to providing affordable hosting for the AI plugin, we can also set up AI services that can be self-hosted without paying or submitting data to a third party (like OpenAI).

There is also a Chatbot plugin, developed by a third party. That plugin allows users to interact directly with ChatGPT in a Discourse topic. The plugin currently being developed by the discourse.org team allows conversations with a chatbot only in personal messages.

Other Specialized Services

Other customers require specialized bespoke plugins that need to be tested on a staging site before being deployed on the production site. For situations where testing on a developer’s laptop does not provide enough assurance that things will work as expected on the production site, we can set up a staging server and populate it with your production data to see that everything works as expected before deploying new versions to your live community.

For inquiries on hosting, please email support@literatecomputing.com

What Literate Computing Clients Have To Say

Hayden: I run an online subscription service and having secure and reliable hosting* *is the backbone of the business. Outsourcing my server management to Literate Computing has been one of the best decisions I have made. Jay is extremely responsive, he takes great care in security, and he ensures that my website data is backed up regularly. As a small business owner, Jay’s work takes a huge weight off my mind so I can concentrate on growing and scaling my business.

Paul: Truly excellent service. I’m personally fairly tech literate..very familiar with various bits of WordPress, servers etc. But having someone like Jay on your side to save time and stress, and sort things out when they don’t quite go to plan, is totally worth his fee. Now I can just get on with launching my Discourse. Highly recommended.

Nicholas: Jay was a great help in getting a configuration issue fixed for us. I reached out to him for help with our site throwing 500 errors and he responded right away and got the problem fixed for us the same day. Highly recommended - he knows his stuff!

mbetts7: Jay got me rocking and answered all the needed questions along the way that inevitably come up. He is very quick in response time. Great result. I also would note that he is very transparent in providing links to things that you may be able to do yourself so that you can make the decision whether to purchase the service from him and have him save you time and hassle, or do it yourself. Great experience, will use him any time I’m stuck.