I am a Discourse consultant. I help people use  to build, support, and sustain communities. If you want to use Discourse to build or support your community, I can help. For an example of services that I provide, please see this page. For most of the past couple decades, I was an academic studying educational technology with an academic vita.

Personal Support

The primary means of support for most people is meta.discourse.org. As is common for many support communities, on Meta, it is considered good manners to search to see if your question has already been answered. If you would rather have an expert at the ready to teach you what you need to know and just do the rest, you can pay me for support (I discount my rate for jobs over 10 hours per month). If you would rather not pay for support, ask there; I might answer your question.

Importing Data from Legacy Forums

Whether you are using a platform that already has a robust importer or you have a custom application, I can get your data from your old site into Discourse to minimize the disruption to your community.

Custom Hosting Solutions

Though my $99 self-hosted install is a good solution for many people who cannot justify the price of Discourse.org’s Premium Hosting rates, some would rather have someone else manage updates and have backups at the ready should something go wrong. If you use Patreon, I will host your Discourse site and charge you per patron. If you require custom plugins that would require expensive Enterprise hosting, I can often provide an affordable alternative.

Integration Support

If you need to integrate Discourse with some other system, I can help you or your staff figure out the parts of Discourse that you need to understand to make you system work with Discourse’s API, potentially saving you (or your staff or consultant) significant time. Whether you are an end user who will work only in a web browser or a seasoned system administrator, I can quickly help you figure out what you need to understand about Discourse to get your project completed.