About Us

We make Discourse work so you can build your community.

Literate Computing’s History

Literate Computing is where to go for support on building your community with Discourse. Jay Pfaffman, Literate Computing’s Founder, earned a BS in computer science, taught computer science in high schools, earned a PhD in Education, and trained teachers to use computers to make their teaching better. He started using Discourse to teach online courses to Masters students, but since 2016 makes his living from Discourse.

Discourse Installation

The first formal connection with discourse.org was in fall of 2016, when Literate Computing got a link on the official INSTALL-cloud document. Since then, I have worked to make Discourse installations as easy as possible for both myself and my customers. What started as a simple form that collected money and sent an email, is now a fully automated installation Dashboard, developed as a Discourse plugin.

For a simple install, you need only enter your hostname and API keys for Mailgun and Digital Ocean. Great care has been taken to provide help along the way!

Literate Computing Dashboard Install Page

To get started you can head on over to the Literate Computing Installation DashboardDashboard.

Discourse Migration

If you are ready to leave behind your old forum software and move to a new platform, Literate Computing has you covered. Whether your current forum uses no plugins and has a mature import script already, uses site-specific plugins with formatting quirks, or is something developed in house, we can help. It is very rare that an import requires no customization of the import script. Even if you have programmers who can do the work, they might rather have someone with experience with the intricacies of importing the data so they can work on learning the parts of Discourse that you will need their help with moving forward.

See the migration page for more information.