Services for Academics

Technical expertise in commmunity building, data collection and cleaning, automated transcription, and leveraging Discourse to create AI mentors.

Services for Academics

Facilitate collecting or transforming data into the format you require for analsys. Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Facilitate collecting discussion data from students.
  • Build scripts to clean data (from Discourse or other sources) and prepare it for analysis with your favored tool
  • Automated AI transcription from Zoom recordings
  • Leverage Discourse as a custom discussion-first LMS—use a platform designed to facilitate discussion rather than a tool added as an afterthought
  • Build custom AI tutors for your teaching and research.

Infrastructure for supporting technology research in schools and classrooms

Need help using technology to collect data in schools? I have done research in dozens of schools and know how to work with school technologists to make best use of the resources available on site to design solutions for data collection. When the needed resources are available or off-limits, I can help put the infrastructure you need on site. For an iPad study that I worked on in Kindergarten classrooms, we were not allowed to use the schools’ networks (many schools had no internet access outside of the office). I configured netbooks as Wifi stand-alone access points that masqueraded as our stand-alone server without the need for internet access. Each week, I would connect to the wifi hotspots (often without enternet the school), download the data, and aggregate all of those databases to our internet-connected server for analysis.