Discourse Enterprise Managed Hosting & Services

Literate Computing Managed Discourse Hosting Services

Literate Computing provides professional installation, configuration, maintenance, hosting, and management of Discourse on your preferred infrastructure. Your DevOps team is already busy, so I manage Discourse and support to your community management staff.

Save Your IT Staff Time

Discourse requires management with Docker and Postgres, which is often unfamiliar to highly skilled system administrators familiar with PHP, MySQL, and cPanel. Consequently, it often makes sense to hire someone to handle Discourse to save them time of learning a new suite of tools.

Discourse Where You Need It

I recommend Discourse.org when their offerings align with your needs; their world-wide team is second to none. However, if your organization's needs require you to run Discourse on an infrastructure and hosting that you control, their services are not a match for you. I manage your Discourse server where you need it, so you maintain complete control.

Custom Plugins are No Problem

If you need for plugins that are not developed or supported by the Discourse Team, I provide a staging server so that upgrades can be tested before upgrading your production server. I am an active member of the meta.discourse.org community, so I keep track of new features as they are added and how they affect popular 3rd party plugins. When incompatibilities arise, I can provide helpful bug reports directly to the developers, many of whom I have known and worked with for years.

Discourse-First Philosophy

Because I come to Discourse from the perspective of a system administrator (and former professor of Instructional Technology), when clients seek a solution to a need, my solutions start with native Discourse features, so that stability and ease of upgrades are maintained. If you need deep customizations, I am in touch with a network of developers to get new functionality when you require it.

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What Literate Computing Clients Have To Say

I run an online subscription service and having secure and reliable hosting is the backbone of the business. Outsourcing my server management to Literate Computing has been one of the best decisions I have made. Jay is extremely responsive, he takes great care in security, and he ensures that my website data is backed up regularly. As a small business owner, Jay’s work takes a huge weight off my mind so I can concentrate on growing and scaling my business. 


Truly excellent service. I'm personally fairly tech literate..very familiar with various bits of WordPress, servers etc. But having someone like Jay on your side to save time and stress, and sort things out when they don't quite go to plan, is totally worth his fee. Now I can just get on with launching my Discourse. Highly recommended.


Jay was a great help in getting a configuration issue fixed for us. I reached out to him for help with our site throwing 500 errors and he responded right away and got the problem fixed for us the same day. Highly recommended - he knows his stuff!


Jay got me rocking and answered all the needed questions along the way that inevitably come up. He is very quick in response time. Great result. I also would note that he is very transparent in providing links to things that you may be able to do yourself so that you can make the decision whether to purchase the service from him and have him save you time and hassle, or do it yourself. Great experience, will use him any time I'm stuck.