Have a professional manage your Discourse server. All maintenance contracts include monitoring, backups, and handling any tasks that require access to the command line. I can maintain your Discourse instance on your own server or provide a Digital Ocean droplet exclusively for you.

All plans include mail delivery sent from your own domain name. Lite and Standard plans require you to have your own mail delivery service; Business and Custom plans optionally include mail delivery. Mailgun is recommended; other services may incur additional startup costs.

The Discourse tests-passed version is recommended, but for Standard and higher plans you can also choose the Beta or Stable channels.



  • Monthly Price
  • Startup Cost
  • Server Size
  • Plugins


$100 Monthly

  • Monthly Price $100
  • Startup Cost Included
  • Server Size 2GB RAM
  • Plugins BASIC


$300 Monthly

  • Monthly Price $300
  • Startup Cost Included
  • Server Size 4GB RAM
  • Plugins ADVANCED


$500 Monthly

  • Monthly Price $500
  • Startup Cost Included
  • Server Size 8GB RAM
  • Plugins ANY/CUSTOM

Modifications include changing plugins, and configuration changes from the Rails console (e.g., mass changing of user status, backup/restore of categories, etc). Charge is per incident; for example adding 3 plugins and removing 2 is a single incident.

Literate Computing maintenance includes making sure that your site is up and running properly. It does not include support for managing your community.

Free support is included for anything that looks like it might be an issue with your site functioning properly as well as answers to configuration questions that can be handled in a few minutes. Complex theme development and debugging and configuration that involves connecting with other systems will usually require additional support fees.

A Two-container configuration uses separate Docker containers for the web server and the database. For most upgrades, this allows rebuilding (e.g., to add plugins or do an upgrade) without taking your site offline.

To arrange for hosting, send an email to