Sample Install Instructions

When you purchase my Discourse Install I will email you instructions similar to what you see below.

Discourse is installed, but you need to make these DNS changes before you can use it.

When you have created the required DNS records, another script will enable https and install plugins and/or other features that your Standard includes.

  • You can log in to your server via the Digital Ocean console.
    • Username: root
    • Password: YjZmZGZjYmU3

Here is what to do!

You must update your DNS with the records in the table below. You usually do this at the place where you registered your domain, but you may have delegated your DNS name servers to a hosting company like SquareSpace or somewhere that you use cPanel. Clicking this link will give you a page that will tell you who your DNS hosting provider is. If you need help knowing how to set the required records, see the “Common DNS Providers” section at the bottom of this link.

Record Type Name (Host) Value/Points to All done? Test your Settings
A support check propagation
TXT support v=spf1 ~all check propagation
TXT k1._domainkey k=rsa; p=MIGfMA0GCSqAA4GNADCBiQeGNvU07jV4oEXfgjJqvA+L0mOiVdQDr0sLyaufK0H0wh/4PtsnSpXuh0FhhbeoasFaVSbn7ybWTxCvBaiVHEKjE/KBAr3jGkWwB7yxgQC11F6xQrxRQoT8xpGSIb3DQEBAQUtQtKMgDbHgHbrNEwX6oID+jfE3V8UrefuGk5cnFum4g4C3whbhoT3QuwIDAQAB check propagation
MX support (with Priority 10) check propagation
TXT v=DMARC1; p=none check propagation


It takes some time for DNS changes to propagate. After you have set the DNS records, please click the “check propagation” links to check that you have correctly set the records and that the name servers around the world have been updated and match the values that you have set. Though it can take a while for updates to get everywhere, you should see changes almost immediately on at least a few servers. If you do not see the values that you set in a few minutes, you have probably done something wrong.