Sample Install Instructions

When you purchase my Discourse Install I will email you instructions similar to what you see below.

Hi, Jay. Your new Discourse instance is ready for your customization!

The information below may seem overwhelming, but please note that until (1) you create the DNS txt records in the table below and (2) log in to Mailgun and click the “Check DNS Records Now” button you will not be able to receive the Notification email required for you to log in to your Discourse.


You cannot use Discourse until you activate your domain in Mailgun.


Some DNS changes are needed at your domain You typically modify DNS at the same place you originally purchased this domain name from.

Record Type Name (Host) Value (Points to)
TXT v=spf1 ~all
TXT k=rsa; p=DOGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQZAA7GNADCBiQKBgQDvx7PsLndT3IM1anXQPybkyeEn9vpvCrG9w8gUKUZoTbQP8il9MV8RjSkDxinnQ1NfLVdxTIRmCq5weuQc1zmLC3afRaw5/2CAtE/bQgLaviVPNxnUcACLDXWRz8xPAxHEVQefHU+0sXnC2+7nS7jEDu0NRZp3M4Qnt7F33DdCGwIDAQAB

The CNAME is required only if you wish to use Mailgun’s tracking features.

Note: I have already entered these DNS records on Digital Ocean’s name servers under your account. If your domain does not have any other hosts set up, or you wish to add those to the the settings already configured at Networking / Domains/, rather than creating these DNS records you can instead update your registrar to use Digital Ocean’s DNS servers:, and To continue to use your current DNS servers, you will need to add the records in the table above.

After you have set those records, go
and click the “Check DNS Records Now” button.

You can check your mailgun
logs here. (Link does not work in this example.)

If you do not receive your email from Discourse, you should check out the Troubleshooting email on a new Discourse install #HOWTO.

Note: Until the above TXT records are in place and confirmed by Mailgun, email delivery to any email address other than your own will not work.

You can check your mailgun logs with

this api call
 (Does not work in this example!) and look for


(the quotes are part of what you are searching for!).

Your Accounts

Digital Ocean credentials

password: water4sawns3lily

Log in and change your password at

IMPORTANT: Enter billing info now! — Soon after your complimentary $5 pre-pay credit and $10 referral credit run out your site will be unavailable.

Security Note: I created an API key that will allow me to check on and make changes to your droplets and DNS entries at Digital Ocean. You can remove them

Mailgun credentials

password: water4sawns3lily

Log in (username: , password: water4sawns3lily), verify your account, and change your password at

Note: Until you verify you account and make the DNS changes above, Mailgun will not deliver your account registration email and you will not be able to log in to your Discourse!.

Security Note:
I have an API key for your Mailgun account that allows me to check (and change) your Mailgun settings. This can be very handy to let me check on your account until we have confirmed that everything is working perfectly. To remove this access you can visit the Accounts/Security page and generate a new API key.


Visit your Discourse at

If your DNS isn’t working, you can use until it is.

When you first visit your site, you’ll see the setup Wizard, which will guide you through some essential setup procedures. Detailed
setup instructions are available in the Install Cloud document. You can skip the part before the “Start Discourse” section since I already did that part. When you ask for help at Meta you can say that you “followed the standard install instructions.”

Server credentials:

IP Address:
Username: root
Password: xe8urvwfmixdgm6

Log in to your server via SSH and change the root password. If you don’t know what SSH is, one solution is the console link at the droplets page.

Security Note:My SSH login keys are also present on your server in the event that any paid support is needed at a later date. If this makes you uncomfortable, you can remove them by logging in and typing

    rm ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

Be Safe Out There!

Using https is increasingly necessary to keep your users’ ISPs from inserting HTML into your site. I would enable it automatically for all of my clients when I set up their sites, but it is impossible to enable Let’s Encrypt until the DNS for the domain points to the site, which cannot happen until after I have set up the site for you. If you would like SSL/https enabled on your site, you can see what is involved on this HOWTO.

I normally charge $100 for this service, but since I just set up your site, I can do it more quickly than I might otherwise. You can purchase the SSL configuration on my site and use the coupon code “(INCLUDED WITH AN INSTALL)” for a $50 discount. Please note that your site will be down for 10-15 minutes while the script runs and rebuilds your site.

Thanks for Your Business!

Thanks for using Discourse and thanks for letting me install it for you. If I can be of further server, please let me know.