Discourse + WordPress



Here’s what I do:

  • A 2GB ($20/month) Droplet is required. 1GB of RAM is not enough for Discourse and anything else.
  • My standard Discourse install (e.g., forum.example.com) with Discourse on an non-standard port.
  • Install WordPress (e.g., www.example.com) with Apache, MySQL and PHP on a non-standard port.
  • Configure Caddy as a reverse proxy to both sites with https support.

This is a no-support install, with installation, but no configuration. Both WordPress and Discourse are left at their post-install pages, you just need  to click through their install wizards. The WP-Discourse and Mailgun plugins are installed, but not configured.

Need help connecting WordPress and Discourse? Not sure how you want to integrate them? I can be available to get you going, see my Custom Support option.

If you have already done a standard install following the Install Cloud instructions I will add Apache and WordPress to your existing droplet. Follow the “providing root access” instructions on my Discourse SSL page. (Sorry at this point this option cannot be combined with the SSL option, but if there is sufficient interest, I may add it to my menu of services.)




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