Migrate Data from Hosted to Self-Hosted


Transition your site from hosted site to your self-managed site.



Get help transferring your data from hosted service to self-hosted. Service includes:

  • exporting data from old server and import to new one (up to 2GB, additional fees are required for larger sites)
  • incoming/outgoing mail re-configuration (you need to have mail working on your Discourse server already)
  • remapping posts for changes in domain name and removing or re-mapping CDN
  • help choreographing transition to minimize down time

Notes on Transfer

To configure Mailgun, you will need to create a TXT record for your domain (e.g., discourse.example.com). When you are using a hosted instance, you create a CNAME for your domain that points to a domain at your hosting provider (e.g., myname.hosted-by-discourse.com). If a CNAME exists you cannot create any other records. You will need to find the IP address that the CNAME resolves to, delete the CNAME, and create an A record for that address before going on to create the TXT record required by Mailgun.

If you purchase a Standard or Pro install with this migration product and can delegate control of your DNS to me I will mange the DNS changes for your transition.


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