Prometheus + Grafana Monitoring for Discourse



I will install the Official Prometheus Exporter Plugin on your existing Discourse instance and install Prometheus in a Docker container on your server. To make those data more useful, I also install Grafana and the Official Discourse Dashboard.

Once this is done, you can access cool Prometheus graphs at (or if you have https enabled).

Existing customers who have not removed my ssh keys (if I installed Discourse for you and you don’t know what “removed my ssh keys” means, this almost certainly means you) can use the coupon code “happy customer” for a $50 discount.

New customers need to provide access to a user account with sudo privileges (or root) using the following command:

ssh-import-id pfaffman

If you have https enabled (and you should!), you should create a cname (e.g., prometheus) pointing to your server, otherwise, your web browser will insist on using https, which will not work. If you do not create a CNAME you can access Prometheus via the IP number.