Multiple Discourse, WordPress, Ghost installations on a single server


Install multiple Discourse, WordPress, and Ghost sites on a single server.

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This is a custom installation that can include multiple Discourse, WordPress, and Ghost installations, as well as optionally running Discourse in a sub-folder. It can, for example, include two complete WordPress and Discourse installations so that you have a full staging site to test upgrades and extensions on the staging site before updating the production site. The domains names can be whatever you want, however, so this configuration could also be used for multiple unrelated Discourse and Discourse installations.

This setup uses separate Discourse Docker containers for each site, rather than being a multisite installation. This has the advantage of allowing testing different plugins on the staging site without affecting the production site. This flexibility comes at the cost of additional RAM (about 1 GB) being required for each web container. Postgres and Redis containers are shared across all Discourse sites; WordPress sites use the standard WordPress Docker container and share a single MariaDB database container. Ghost sites use the standard Ghost container which uses SQLite rather than an external database (high volume sites should use a CDN).

Prometheus and Grafana (as described here) are installed to give you detailed statistics on your Discourse performance.

Another Grafana Dashboard provides feedback on statistics of the server:

Traefik provides reverse proxy services and manages https certificates from Let’s Encrypt and has an info page that looks like this:

Please contact me for specific details on your requirements before placing an order. (It is marked “out of stock” to keep people from placing an order before checking with me.)

Discourse, Grafana, Prometheus, WordPress, and Ghost are all independent Open Source projects. Literate Computing, LLC, is not affiliated with these projects. No endorsement of or by these projects is implied.


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