Incoming Mail Server



To enable reply-by email and posting to a category via email, you need a server to receive those messages so that Discourse can read them. One way to solve that problem is to have a service like Mailgun receive mail for your domain and for forward those messages to Gmail. You would then configure Discourse retrieve those messages via POP3. That requires the cooperation of several different systems. Another solution, that I am offering here, is to configure your Droplet to receive mail for your domain.

What You Get

When this is set up, your Discourse will allow people to reply to posts and personal messages via email. You will also be able to enable users to post to any category simply by entering the desired address in the category settings.

What I Do

  1. Configure a Docker container on your droplet to accept incoming mail as described here.
  2. Create an admin account for myself on your Discourse instance (needed to enable the settings)
  3. Create an API key for your Discourse if you have not already done so.
  4. Enable manual polling enabled
  5. Enable reply by email enabled
  6. Set the reply by email address:  %{reply_key}
  7. Verify that incoming messages are received and processed by Discourse.

What You Do

  1. Before you place your order, create an MX record for your Discourse domain. Here is an example:
    • DNS Name:
    • Type: MX
    • Priority: 10
    • Value: (this is the domain of your forum)
  2. Before you place your order, arrange for me to have root access to your droplet by logging in as root and typing:
    ssh-import-id ltcmp
  3. After I am finished, you might want to edit a category and add a Custom incoming email address. You can choose whatever address and Discourse will handle it automatically.


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