Custom Install



For users who need a customized Discourse install, using a your own mail delivery service, or a virtual host that you set up yourself, I will install Discourse on an Ubuntu (virtual) machine running 16.04LTS. Given that your server has a DNS hostname when I do the install, I will also configure Let’s Encrypt for https secure access to your server.

To complete the job I need the following sent to via email:

  1. Your Discourse server hostname
  2. SMTP server hostname
  3. SMTP port
  4. SMTP user name
  5. SMTP password
  6. Admininstrator email address
  7. Let’s Encrypt administrator email address

Finally, I need root access to your server. (If you use Ubuntu Linux, the ssh-import-id command will copy my keys.) If you have not disabled ssh access to the root account, do this:

sudo su -
ssh-import-id ltcmp

If root access via SSH is disabled (you would know if you had done this), or you are not using Ubuntu, then instead you can do this:

sudo adduser --disabled-password --gecos "Literate Computing" lc
sudo su -c 'echo lc ALL = NOPASSWD: ALL >> /etc/sudoers.d/lc' root
sudo su - lc
mkdir -p -m0700 ~/.ssh
curl >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys


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