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This is an add-on for my installation packages, which assume that I will configure a virtual host on Digital Ocean. For users who need Discourse installed on a virtual host that you set up yourself, you can add this to your order for a $99 install, a Lite Install or a Standard Install.

To install Discourse, I need root access to your server. If you have not disabled ssh access to the root account, do this:

sudo su -
ssh-import-id ltcmp

If root access via SSH is disabled (you would know if you had done this), or you are not using Ubuntu, then instead you can do this:

sudo adduser --disabled-password --gecos "Literate Computing" lc
sudo su -c 'echo lc ALL = NOPASSWD: ALL >> /etc/sudoers.d/lc' root
sudo su - lc
mkdir -p -m0700 ~/.ssh
curl >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

System Requirements

  • Memory: 1GB of RAM. No exceptions.
  • Swap: For systems with 2GB or less RAM, 2GB of swap is required. If less than 2GB of swap is available, I will create a 2GB swap file.
  • Disk space: 30GB in the root partition. If you have space in an additional partition, I can configure Discourse to use that space for uploads, backups, or everything. It is important that the database be on the fastest disk available. If you have multiple partitions for multiple purposes, I need to know how you would like them used before you place the order.
  • Networking: Incoming ports 80 and 443 are required to be open for Let’s Encrypt to request and renew certificates. Discourse needs to be able to access your SMTP server, so outgoing access to ports 25, 587, or 2525 may be required.
  • Operating System: Ubuntu 16.04 is strongly recommended. If you wish to use another OS, you are responsible for installing a functioning and compatible version of Docker. There are many reports of various incompatibilities with CentOS and Docker.
  • Installed Software: Discourse runs inside Docker, so pretty much all that is required is Docker and git. There is no reason to install Ruby, Rails, Postgres, or anything else. You should not have any web server installed unless you have arranged for me to install Discourse on a non-standard port and you plan to configure a web server to reverse-proxy to Discourse.


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