Configure Social Logins




Discourse allows your users to login using several social media platforms: Gmail, Facebook, Github, Twitter, and Instagram (which I do not support). Using social logins has several benefits. First, users need not bother with another password. Better, since the service has already validated the user’s email address, users need not wait for that annoying validation email.

To see what is involved to configure each of these yourself, you can click the above links.

I will configure social logins for Gmail, Facebook, Github, and Twitter. (The Instagram configuration requires heroic efforts; if you really want it and are willing to pay at least $1000, please feel free to contact me.)

To do the configuration for each of these, I will require your authentication credentials (username and password) for each service. Google and Facebook both require 2-step authentications (even if you turn off 2-step authentication!), so please suggest a time when you will be at your computer and able to jump through the various hoops (like clicking a link on your computer and entering a number). You should change all of these passwords a day or two after you are convinced that each of the logins work.