Portfolio & Testimonials

Ganoksin Orchid Community



Converted 20 years of e-mail list archives to fully threaded Discourse forum.

Testimonial by client Seth Rosen

International Gem Society Community



Converted 3 year old BBPress forum to Discourse.

Testimonial by client Leah Kramer

Recommendations on Meta

Here are a few public and un-solicited recommendations:

Klemen Struc: For Discourse installations and tech/admin/IT related things, I highly recommend to you @pfaffman. We’re his client and I can’t be more satisfied with everything how he’s been serving and helping us, his attitude, responsiveness, reliability, etc. He was recommended to me by a core Discourse team. Hope this helps. Klemen

Jeff Atwood (@codinghorror): In fact @pfaffman is the person I’d recommend to help you with this! Reasonable rates, knows his stuff, and always professional.

Carson (@outofthebox): @pfaffman was available to handle the database import on short notice. To complete this migration from start to finish within a week is incredible. But what was interesting to me is that it came together with a globally distributed team from the official Discourse team to members of the Discourse community. Open source for the win: quality + speed + affordability + options for clients, plus sales and profit for the project. https://connect.rzim.org/

@omarfilip (https://glasair-owners.com behind paywall): My goal was to move up from a community based on phpBB2 which itself originated on ancient bulletin board software, merge it with another dead forum that was based on software that would run only on Windows 2000 Server, and also combine users, many of whom were active on both forums, and properly attribute the combined posts. It all worked out in the end. @pfaffman was instrumental and very fast to convert the dead forum data dump into a Discourse instance. (He’s worth every penny, btw.)