Discourse Rebuilds When You Need Them

Usually you can upgrade your Discourse instance from the web interface, but a few times a year, you will get a notice like this:

If you would rather not get your hands dirty with typing commands in a terminal emulator, have it taken care of automatically. A few days after the release of a new beta version, Literate Computing will rebuild your site for you. In addition to the times that a rebuild is required due to an upgrade, I will also rebuild your site when there has been an update with serious security issues.

This service is designed for self-hosting users who actively  maintain and update their site from the web interface, but would rather not work with the terminal. If you need full support that handles all upgrades, off site backups, and monitoring, please see my server maintenance packages.

I need ssh access to your site to provide this service. If I did your installation, then I probably have it.

Help in an Emergency

In most cases, if your site is down, we will fix it if you sign up for this service and then provide the service for the year. If your site is broken, check before you place this order assuming that whatever your problem is can be fixed for this price, especially if it is after hours or on the weekend.

Discourse Maintenance Rebuilds $300/year

Start $300/year Maintenance Rebuilds

  • Include your address, VAT, and anything else that you need to be included on an invoice/receipt.